Crime due diligence
We provide background information for risk-oriented or criminally relevant analyses of future, new or already existing business relations. The following principles then apply:
  • „Know your Client or Customer!” (KyC)
  • “Know your Employee!” (KyE)
  • “Know your Supplier!” (KyS)
We investigate backgrounds, and analyse and undertake research into individuals, legal entities and their management. For this we rely primarily on public sources (Open Sources Intelligence):
  • INTERNET research with the aid of powerful search engines
  • Intelligence agencies and media archives with the aid of providers
  • Official and private commercial databases
We examine the soundness and origin of money of potential, new or already existing customers.
We make particular use of information on money laundering, corruption, and economic crime obtained from hidden sources (Human Intelligence):
  • Informants and contacts
  • Witnesses
  • Surveillance
  • Investigation and monitoring
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