A cordial welcome to AySEC Services AG

AySEC Services AG is a company specialising in combating economic crime. The massive increase in recent years in criminal acts within large and small businesses has boosted demand for services to prevent and discover crime of this kind. We have optimally responded to this demand with a structured, mutually reconciled portfolio of services.

AySEC Services AG’s aim is to occupy the top quality segment in all sub-markets. To achieve this it offers qualified legal knowledge, business-oriented thinking, know-how in the use of IT tools and criminological experience.

Our market potential includes products and services to protect our customers against property and financial crime, unfair competition and disloyal conduct in all areas of business. In pursuit of our activities, we take account of the fact that demand is constantly changing. We therefore adapt our product range flexibly to the market.

At the present time, economic crime is causing financial damage to the tune of billions. This includes misuse of insurances, whether under private or social insurance. AySEC Services AG supports the specialised bodies of private and government insurance organisations in combating abuse.
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